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Montgomery County operates a red light camera system at over thirty intersections. 
The camera system is operated and maintained by a contractor.  The Montgomery County Police Department reviews and signs off on all citations to be issued.  Drivers running red lights are detected by detectors in the street.  Once the camera detects a violation, it takes a color photograph of the car just before it crosses the stop bar.  A short time later a second color photo is taken, showing the car in the intersection.  Both photographs will show the traffic signal heads, violating car and its physical position relative to the stop bar.  Either photo has sufficient resolution to allow the contractor and the Police to zoom in and read the license plate. Police confirm the event is a violation and a violation notice (71kb sample) will be sent by the contractor to the vehicle's owner. Moving Vehicle Image
Sample  Image Upon receipt of a violation notice, the vehicle owner may simply pay the fine, or request a trial in District Court to contest the violation Maryland law allows photo enforcement of red light running, but a ticket by photograph is slightly different that one issued by a police officer witnessing the violation.  The photo violation carries no points, and a fine of $75.00.  Insurance companies cannot consider the ticket for insurance rates.

Highlights of Montgomery County, Maryland's 
Red Light Enforcement Camera Program
  • Fine is $75.00
  • No points will be issued against vehicle owner's driving record (similar to a parking ticket)
  • Insurance companies cannot consider the ticket in calculating insurance rates
  • Failure to pay fines will result in inability to renew vehicle registration
  • The Police Department and the Department of Public Works and Transportation are working together to identify locations for future cameras

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